That’s the number of times that my worrying and stressing out has helped me or anyone else. Why do we assume that anxiety produces good results? From the way we seem to rely on worry as a “go-to” when things get a little crazy, you’d think that we’ve experienced some fantastic positive reinforcement for freaking out.

1 Bajillion

That’s the number of times I have freaked out when things have seemed to be outside the scope of my control. In reality, each time I stress out and pretend that God hasn’t been more than enough for me is an indictment against my faith. What does it really say about what I have learned about God? How about you? What have you learned (committed to your understanding and thoughts) about God’s faithfulness?

Back to zero.

That’s the number of times that God has NOT forgiven me for doubting Him.

The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. Exodus 14:14 NLT

Fact #1: we are in a spiritual battle

Fact #2: on our own, we are incapable of defeating anything spiritual, even the smallest demonic imp is beyond our abilities without God.

Fact#3: God promises to fight for you. Not against you. FOR you, in your favor, on your side, to your benefit… God will fight for you! Have you ever had someone fight for you? It feels great to know that someone else values you enough to go to bat for you, doesn’t it?

The Requirement

Look at all He asks of us, “Just stay calm.”

Imagine that you are trying to save a drowning victim. While you are working to save them, against the water and their weight, as you are kicking, and swimming, all you ask is that they stay calm as you bring them home safely.

Oh, how we struggle, fight and scream when God is promising to keep us safe until we arrive home safely. Like a child who resists being buckled into their car seat, we seem to forget that God is FOR us.

What would your life look like if you stopped freaking out? How much energy, time, and money might you save if you would “just stay calm”? What drama would you keep yourself from if you determined that God is fighting for you?

Let’s stop imagining this kind of life and “just stay calm”.