Fact #1: if you tank up on energy drinks all day, you will have difficulty sleeping well.




Fact #2: if you surround yourself with those who enjoy creating drama, your life will be filled with anxiety and stress.


These facts aren’t difficult to believe or understand because we understand this simple premise; that which we seed into our lives creates or produces fruit (even if it’s a bad fruit.) Honestly, we don’t want bad sleep or anxiety-ridden lives but we often do those things which creates this nonsense for us.

Although, you could take a Facebook sabbatical or even delete your account, you could live like a hermit…



It’s a different kind of hermit but he’s cute!

… you could even sleep as well as ol’ Rip Van Winkle and STILL not have any peace!rip van winkle


The Bible tells us in Job 3:26,

I have no peace, no quietness. I have no rest; only trouble comes.                                  Job 3:26 NLT

The reality is that unless we spend time with the One who creates or produces peace in us we will not know peace. Remember the simple premise? That which we seed into our lives creates or produces fruit. What are you seeding into your life?

Resolving the conflicts in our soul isn’t as easy as just getting rid of the stressors (although it’s a good start) it’s also about replacing those things, or filling the void with those things which are healthy and helpful. Peace isn’t simply the absence of stress or the ability to rest, it’s a gift from the God who is known as Jehovah Shalom (The Lord IS our Peace). Peace is the fruit of time spent with the maker or Creator of Peace.


If you’ve been struggling like our friend Job, if you feel like there is no peace, no quietness, or rest, may I reccomend spending time, cultivating, seeding time with the One who creates peace in us?

Take some time today and rest in His presence, worship Him and find that peace and quiet, the rest and freedom was waiting for you all along.