coffeeI like to start my mornings with a cup of coffee and some quiet so that I can think through my day. It’s good to think ahead and plan for anything that might be a conflict in schedules or difficult meeting so that I can prepare my mind for come what may.

Though I do my best to plan for events, meetings, and chores, often times I’m caught off guard by the attitudes and emotions other people convey in their day-to-day activities. It’s in these times that I can be derailed from what I was trying to accomplish.

So if I don’t prepare my mind for the jerk who cuts people off on the road or the rude receptionist at the office, I’m certainly setting myself up for failure! The reality is that each day has its own share of troubles and grief – even Jesus said so! – therefore it’s foolish for me to not assume that tomorrow I will have opportunities to lose my cool.

F-report cardIt’s not like I’ve had a tremendous track record for keeping my composure under stress or maintaining a great attitude when dealing with frustrating people when I haven’t planned ahead, nor have I done well when temptation rears its head and I didn’t plan for it. In fact, I would estimate my performance pretty poorly!

Knowing this is the case, why wouldn’t I want to prepare my heart and my mind for what’s coming ahead. Every fighter, every athlete, every speaker, prepare’s their mind for what’s coming ahead; in the moment they exercise great self-control because they have prepared specifically for this moment!

In the Bible, the book of Peter warns us to prepare our minds…

So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control….           1 Peter 1:13 NLT

Can you imagine how much easier our days would be if we would assume that someone is going to behave poorly, someone is going to say something rudely or  someone is going to push your personal or professional boundaries?

This wouldn’t simply make our days easier, it would set us up to be ready to show the LOVE of Christ to people who, under normal circumstances, we may have written off because they frustrated us, disappointed us, or rejected us.

Take some time today to prepare your mind so that you can exercise some amazing self-control, share the love of Jesus, and find yourself walking in victory instead of regret!