The apostle Paul was encouraging the people of Thessalonica to live as people who knew the God that sets captives free when in 1 Thessalonians 4:5 he wrote,

“Don’t be a slave of your desires or live like people who don’t know God.” 1 Thessalonians 4:5 CEV

To assert that they were living as slaves to their desires implies that their desires were their master. Allow this image to set into your mind for a moment. A slave has no power to make their own decisions; the slave driver or the master is bent on enforcing their own will and agenda. The slave is not in control of their life.

This verse begs the question of us today, “Who is in control of our lives?” Are we driven by our desires in the same way a slave master would drive slaves to do their bidding? It seems like an oxymoron for the children of the living God to be chained and enslaved by ANYTHING because they are God’s children!

The reality is that so many believers live as if they don’t know the God that sets the captives free! We behave like Christ hasn’t won the victory! When we (followers of Jesus) allow our desires to dictate our activities and thoughts we are living like people who don’t know God!

This slave-like behavior comes as we shift our focus away from Christ and the salvation He has given us, as we forget how He purchased us from the auctioneer’s block, broken the yoke of slavery, and as we forget that we’ve been adopted into God’s family; ultimately when we place our affections and attentions on anything other that God.

Paul pleads with every person who has turned their hearts away from God and ALLOWED themselves to become enslaved by their desires, when he wrote, “Don’t… live like people who don’t know God”.


God loves to liberate captives… God loves to liberate slaves… God gave His Son for the express purpose of redeeming our sin-filled hearts!

I challenge you today to stop living like you don’t know God and submit your mind and your heart to Him again; watch how quickly your desires cease running your life and how wonderfully fulfilling your life becomes again!