I’ve always been a self-starter, (at least that’s how I remember myself ) which is generally considered a positive character trait. Unfortunately, my “go-get-’em” drive usually forces me to push ahead of people for the sake of accomplishing whatever goal is set before me.

“Slow down” and “Wait for me” has been a phrase which I’ve been all too familiar with over the years. To be honest, for most of those years, I really believed that these were people who just didn’t understand how quickly I could catch things or who were just generally slow people. “Don’t they understand how busy I am?” I would ask myself.

.slow down gif

In reality, usually, they were trying to teach me something the right way the first time, or they were teaching me something that required absolute attention to detail (something to which I haven’t always exhibited much interest lol)

But what if these people were teaching me part of the nature of God? We are familiar with the numerous people all through scripture who were made to wait…

waiting in bible

What is difficult to understand for most followers of Jesus, is that as we wait on God, He’s already working on our behalf; most of the time we’re just getting worked up and in the way while He’s asking us to wait on Him. Look at this verse from Isaiah;

“For since the world began no has seen or heard of such as God as ours, who works for those who wait for Him” Isaiah 64:4 LB

Waiting implies trust; while we wait we communicate, “God, I trust that you have this under control and you are working all things out for my good.” (Romans 8:28)

God is at work on your behalf, why would you want to interfere with that?

What would your blood pressure look like if you waited and trusted?

What would your stress level be like if you waited and truly trusted?

How would waiting on God affect your relationships with other people?

Wait on God, He’s working for your good!