Most people aren’t the type to allow themselves to engage into malicious hateful revenge liar vengeance(or at least most people wouldn’t admit to it); although I think most of us have endured some situations where it may have felt warranted. Most of us are much more acquainted with a lesser form of revenge that  psychologists have called “Passive-Aggressive” behavior.


This kind of behavior is typical in office work where decorum prohibits you from openly discussing issues which would easily be resolved if you could openly speak about them, also online forums and social media are breeding grounds for this softened version of revenge.

But there is no end to the possibilities where we might encounter passive-aggressive behavior! You might find it in the home, at church, in the market, or in even in rest-room stalls 😉  There are some really nasty spirited people out there who have some aggression issues that need to be dealt with, just look at this!

HOTDOG ICE?!?! This is proof there is evil among us!

Don’t say, “I will get even for this wrong.”
    Wait for the Lord to handle the matter.  Proverbs 20:22 NLT

Even if someone has legitimately hurt or offended you, and they honestly meant to do so, revenge and vengeance isn’t an activity with which a citizen of the Kingdom of God engages. The behavior of someone who has been transformed by the love of Jesus is to allow God to deal with punishment of others; it it not the activity of the chosen to punish other people. Discipline, correct, or rebuke, but not punish (the former three all are activities which should be done in love according to scripture).

In reality, when we try to understand other people we find most people aren’t bent on hurting or offending others, instead we discover that we simply don’t understand what their personal struggles are and how those struggles are affecting them.

A lack of understanding another person’s viewpoint can easily bring us to the point of frustration and aggravation and if left unchecked can quickly transform into revenge (in all its nasty forms).

The very least we can do is the RIGHT THING – love people and love God enough to trust

right thing

that even if their motives were malicious, God will handle them; all we are supposed to do is love God and love people in the process.